18 Tips For Getting A Loan Safely

18 Tips For Getting A Loan Safely

18 tips to get a loan with security

18 tips to get a loan with security

We’ve listed 18 tips for getting a loan safely, given the fact that the search for money on the Internet is a real adventure, especially now at the end of the year, the smarties on duty are eager to get their money using unorthodox techniques ( stelionate). codash.org has more information

Are you in need of personal credit? Looking for a loan company? Do you want to apply for a personal loan, but have a restricted name? The Internet is offering an immense amount of options from credit companies, lenders, correspondent authorized banks, financiers and institutions of all kinds. Find a company with accessible credit lines to fulfill some dreams, meet emergency financial needs, pay outstanding debts, money to help at a difficult time or even get money to clean the restricted name, in fact, there are many factors that lead the citizen to the desire to apply for a loan.

Thinking about this, some financial and loan companies offer numerous types of financing on the web, numerous lines and modalities, both with simple operations with the most complicated, but in general, the intention is to bring convenience when simulating, knowing the conditions, the advantages and try to formalize the operation more appropriate to your profile of the interested in credit.

But, these facilities in getting the financial resources that are there, are easy, easy, what you need to know is that along with the debureaucratization and easy access, also increases the requirement for more precautions and security at the time of carrying out the transaction.

Check out these 18 tips to avoid getting into trouble, and make things even worse.

01 -) Note if the site has quality, and if it is well structured?
02 -) Search for complaints on the Internet, the name and the company 
03 -) Make Internet search of the phone provided;
04 -) Make sure the domain of the site if it is own type.com or.com.br
05 -) The bank or financial domain has terminated.webnode.com, it falls out;
06 -) Access the registry.br to know the time of registration of the domain
07 -) Check that the company’s CNPJ is the same as the www.
08 -) Still in the registry.br, check if it was registered with CPF (possible victim)
09 -) Confirm if company highlights the address and if the phone is fixed?
10 -) Do you have a landline? Check if it is not Vésper / Free of Embratel, Nextel, Voip, Fixed Mobile, etc.
11 -) Do you only have cell phone numbers for contact? Forget it’s blow.
12 -) Make sure the company exists (facebook, twitter, Orkut) and through web search, blog comments, complaints etc.
13 -) Check if the financing company has CNPJ active.
14 -) If you inform the Banks or Finance that the same says to be representative.
15 -) Never deposit or anticipate any kind of cash fee before receiving the requested loan.
16 -) Never pay 10%, 8% or 5% fee supposedly as an insurance, administrative or bail rate etc.
17 -) Try to go to the store or company in person, near the place ask the neighbors for information.
18 -) Analyze whether the interest rates applied are consistent, in most cases are true fairy tale.

The related tips are just an appetizer to avoid companies from fraudulent loans, intuition and malice also help a lot in the hour of completing financial transactions. Always, always inform yourself before closing any deal. Here in the Blog we will inform in other articles, more procedures to not fall into the trap of the loan scam.

Attention, in no way provide your CPF, RG, E-mail, your (Agency and Bank Account) or identifiable information through registrations or forms on sites that do not provide cryptocrafted security of your data.

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