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State funding for "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"
  • Agencies which don't provide pregnant women with accurate and complete information should not receive taxpayers' money. It's not the government's business to tell women whether or not they should have children.
  • These centers provide no medical or social services. It's just a very expensive referral service and a waste of our tax dollars, when so many need health care.
Contraceptive Equity
  • Women pay 68% more than men do for health needs, mostly because insurance companies won't cover birth control.
  • It's discrimination to carve birth control out of health insurance.
  • Women, not their employers or their insurers, should decide for themselves what type of birth control they want to use.
Supreme Court appointments
  • Reproductive rights are essential for women's health and for their participation in democratic society.
  • When life begins is a religious question - there is no scientific agreement - and our nation is founded on religious freedom.
  • Our national compromise on abortion rights, Roe v. Wade, could be overturned by adding one more anti-choice justice. That would send women back to back alley abortions.

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