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Talking points to frame the discussion: (For explanation and tips, see Power of Language or Talking to the Media. These will open into a separate popup window, and will remain in the background until you close the popup.)

Charitable Choice
  • It is wrong to force people to participate in religious activities to get help paid for by taxpayers.
  • Government funding for religious activities will force religions to compete with each other, rather than cooperate for the good of all.
  • If the government funds religious activity, we will all lose our religious freedom because the government will choose to fund only some religions.
Claims that the United States is a "Christian Nation"
  • Our nation has flourished for over 200 years because our Founders adopted a Constitution that keeps government out of religion and religion out of government.
  • There is no reference to God or to Christianity in the United States Constitution. Surely this is not an accident, since many of the authors of that document wrote about their own faiths in other contexts.
  • The right to practice my religion includes respecting the right of others to not be subjected to my religious practices.
Religion in public schools and school related events
  • Meaningful, voluntary, private prayer has never been taken out of public school.
  • Imposing prayer on a captive audience of students of diverse faiths threatens everyone's freedom of conscience.
  • Public recitation of prayers can trivialize prayer and be an affront to some devout people.
Posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings
  • The Ten Commandments belong in Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, where clergy can interpret them.
  • The first four Commandments deal only with religion and are not relevant to morality.
  • Our government routinely disobeys the Sixth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" by imposing the death penalty, arming police with lethal weapons, selling armaments, and conducting military actions.

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