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South Hills NOW Newsletter, November 2003

  20- -South Hills NOW chapter monthly meeting 7:30pm Unitarian-Univ. Church, 1240 Washington Rd. Mt. Lebanon
  20- -reception for PA Sen. Allen Kukovich, 7-9pm Greensburg Sheraton Four Points, on US 30 in Greensburg, PA
  11- -South Hills NOW chapter monthly meeting Luncheon noon-3pm, Peter's Place, US 50, Bridgeville, PA

November South Hills NOW Chapter Meeting
   Because of your editor's delays in getting the September & October newsletters & the nomination form together, we will hold elections for 2004 officers for South Hills NOW at the November chapter meeting on Thursday, Nov.20th. We will also have a review of the results from the Nov.4 public elections & a report from the NOW+AAPD Disability Rights conference. If you have not yet nominated someone for a chapter office, please phone Jerry (412-882-3965), Jackie (412-594-5414), or Carol (412-276-2639) by 6pm the 20th. You are encouraged to nominate yourself! Please note that if there are no new candidates for chapter offices, the Nov. meeting will be devoted to putting the chapter out of existence & the December luncheon will be a going-away party. We apologize that the nomination form did not make it into the paper copies of the September newsletter & that many of you did not get your October newsletter before the October chapter meeting.

December South Hills NOW Chapter Meeting
   The December chapter meeting will be a luncheon party on the 2nd Thursday, Dec.11th, from noon-3:00pm at Peter's Place 1199 Washington Pike (US50) Bridgeville, PA, right at the light with Vanadium Rd, just a bit south from the Kirwan Heights interchange with I-79. Please note the different time & date & come join us.

Fundraiser for Allen Kukovich
   You are invited to attend a reception for feminist PA Senator Allen Kukovich (from Westmoreland County) featuring special guest Governor Ed Rendell. It will be Thursday Nov.20 from 7-9pm at the Greensburg Four Points Sheraton on US30 in Greensburg, PA, for $100 per person. RSVP by November 14, by contacting Karen Mochar at 724-863-0605. or Pennsylvanians for Kukovich, P.O. Box 30, Greensburg, PA 15601. Be sure to read, before you go, the page

Disability Rights Supporters Work Together
   The common concerns of the women's rights and disability rights movements converged at the Women with Disabilities and Allies Forum in Bethesda, Md. the weekend of Oct.17-19. Read more at

   Don't forget - plan ahead now to come. On April 25, 2004, join the march on Washington and stand up for a woman's right to safe, legal abortion. Learn more at

FDA Advisory Panel Okays Silicone Breast Implants
   An FDA advisory panel voted mid-October to allow a company to proceed with sales of silicone-gel-filled breast implants, despite data showing high rates of complications with the devices. Read more at

Help Organize and Make a Difference!
   NOW is looking for passionate women's rights supporters to work in one-year field organizing positions around the U.S. Read more about this opportunity at

Speak Out about the Abortion Procedures Ban
   Passed by Congress in October & signed by Bush Nov.5, this dangerous bill bans a range of safe abortion procedures that are commonly used after the first trimester of pregnancy to protect a woman's health and fertility. You can take action now at

A Message from Kim Gandy
   Introducing "A Note from the President," a regular Web update on what we're up to at the National Action Center in Washington, D.C. You can read more at

Foul Play in Dismissal of YWCA Chief Pat Ireland
   "Feminists across the country are outraged that ultraconservative attacks could have resulted in former NOW President Patricia Ireland's recent dismissal as the CEO of the YWCA," NOW President Kim Gandy said. Read at

Side Effects of the Kobe Bryant Trial
   No matter what the outcome of the Kobe Bryant trial, a young woman will forever be the victim of indecent exposure to which she did not consent, Melanie Stafford writes in the Denver Post. Read more at

MIT Prof Makes Hall of Fame
   The National Women's Hall of Fame has inducted MIT professor Sheila Widnall who was the first woman to serve as the Secretary of the Air Force and recently served on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Widnall joins three fellow MIT alumnae among the 195 women honored since the Hall was founded in 1969.

4 Bills to Stop & 1 to Support
   NARAL Pro-Choice America lists 4 federal bills bad for women & 1 good one they'd like your help supporting: "Unborn Victims of Violence Act"(S.146 or S.1019, aka "Laci and Conner's Law" HR.1997), a deplorable sneak attack on abortion rights, equates zygotes & embryos at all stages of development with adult women.
  "Child Custody Protection Act" (S.851 or HR.1755) would make it a crime for anyone other than a parent to accompany a young woman across state lines for an abortion unless home-state parental-involvement requirements have been met
  "Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" (S.1397) would give health-care corporations & HMOs the power to silence doctors from providing - or even discussing - abortion with their patients. Let your US Rep & Senators know NOW that you want them to vote NO on all 3 of these bills any time they can. "Partial-Birth Abortion Act" see item earlier in this newsletter! The good news is federal judges in both NB & NY have already enjoined enforcement of this law.
  "Freedom of Choice Act" (not yet introduced) is a vital component of NARAL's Mobilization to Protect Freedom of Choice. Let your US Rep & Senators know NOW that you want them to support the introduction & passage of this bill. [Be careful not to confuse this bill with the "Health Care Freedom of Choice Act" (HR.53 or HR.1117) which is a Republican attempt to undercut health-care funding.] Details of these (& other) bills are available through

Women & Influence: A Women's Way Conference
   Women's Way sponsors a conference on advancing the role of women in politics & the workplace Saturday Nov.15th 8:30 am - 2:00 pm at Meyerson Hall of the Univ. of PA @ 34th & Walnut Sts. Philadelphia, PA. There is no admission fee, but you must register by 11/10. Voice 1-215-985-3322, fax 1-215-985-3369, or

First Muslim Woman Wins Nobel Peace Prize
   An Iranian lawyer & human rights activist who has battled her country's Islamic government for years on behalf of women, street children & dissidents won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Oct.10. This win made Shirin Ebadi the first Muslim woman ever to receiver that honor. Now 56, she earned her law degree from the Univ. of Teheran in 1971 & was appointed one of her country's first female judges.
Scientific Information Being Censored
   Scientific data on which Americans rely is being manipulated by the Bush administration according to the new report Politics & Science prepared for US Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA). Read more about this & other censorship at

The ALA Fights the CIPA, & You Can Help
   The libraries in the American Library Association are encouraging patrons to exercise their rights under the Children's Internet Protection Act. After a June US Supreme Court ruling that Congress may legally require libraries receiving federal $ to filter the Internet in the interest of protecting minors online, the ALA reminds its users that a library will unblock individual blocked Web sites or disable the entire filter on request from adults, who need not explain why they want the change.

Heroic & Outrageous Book
   Editor Gemma Alexander has assembled the stories of >100 convention-defying women throughout the ages who broke all the rules to achieve what they wanted in her book. The 501-page hardcover is titled "Heroic and Outrageous Women" while the 507-page softcover is "Mammoth Book of Heroic and Outrageous Women." Both date from 1999 & you can find them at outrageously reasonable prices at

She Photographed Tennyson in 1865
   Julia Margaret Cameron pioneered the art of portrait photography. A mother of 6, she was given a camera by a daughter & son-in-law when she was 48, & soon was taking & selling pictures of family & neighbors (Alfred Lord Tennyson being 1 of the latter). Her photos are currently on display at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. [full story October 2003 Smithsonian pp.21-22]

Women Now Majority of Med School Applicants
   For the first time ever, in the 2003-2004 admissions pool, women made up the majority of medical school applicants, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The increase in women applying for medical school was a significant factor in helping to turn around a six-year decline in the number of students who applied for medical school. The level of male applicants stayed generally consistent with the previous year. From the pool of 35,000 applicants, up 3.4 percent from last year, 17,672 of them were women - nearly seven percent higher than last year's admissions pool. The number of black women who applied to medical school jumped most significantly by almost 10%.

South Hills NOW Newsletter is compiled and distributed by Gerald Blum, and Carl Howe, Chapter co-President & Newsletter Editor