When personal loan is the last option of choice

When personal loan is the last option of choice

When personal loan is the last option of choice

When personal loan is the last option of choice

Personal loan.. Borrow money is not ugly, ugly is to fail to pay financial commitments for irresponsibility and negligence. Ask some people because they are indebted, many will say that they earn little, that the salary is nothing, that the rent of the house is very expensive and from then on, it will be! They will never assume their own guilt. I have noticed that people are spending beyond what they receive, using the card wildly, sticking to the credit limit to have fun without fear of being happy. Until the debt bomb explodes! Read more at purleychase.com

Of course there are exceptions, debts can be accrued by unemployment, family sickness, economic crisis, fatality among other things, but as the saying goes – empty bag does not stop standing – we need money when that money is not available or when you do not have any money, the door knocks the nervousness, the stress, the lack of hunger and the despair. One great writer said, “Money is not everything, but I need it and it needs it.”

The situation gets even worse when the possibility of getting the personal loan, lines of credit or financing are restricted in the financial institutions because of the default and the inscription of the name in the organs of protection to the credit. What to do? Well, there is still the alternative of asking for a loan from your best friend, asking your grandfather or grandfather for a paycheck, the fee is low or some relative is successful and it will not make any difference to him, it will be!

If you have a car or property taken away, putting them as collateral on a personal loan is reasonable, after all getting stuck in debt no one deserves. What is most striking is that desperate situations can be avoided with some simple day-to-day behavior and financial discipline.

Tips for “Making Personal Loans” the Ultimate Option to Get Money:

1 -) Trace Objectives – Without goals the human being is not going anywhere, it is like a ship drifting towards the cliff, change its route until finding a safe harbor;

2) Open a Savings – This is perhaps the most powerful weapon to avoid taking personal loans. Always save some of your money, it does not have to be much, 10 or 20% of your income every month. Many say it can not. Make a force that you will be able to put curbs on unnecessary spending to give more importance to your financial health;

3 -) Prepare a Budget – Making a budget for everything that is really necessary for you or your family will put a brake on your expenses, know exactly how much you want to spend or can spend to reach your goals;

4 -) Have a Worksheet of Inputs and Outputs – Use a worksheet of costs, with this you will be able to know how much you enter income and how much you leave with expenses and, when estimating what your real daily necessities, it is easy to leave some real multiplying in investment or savings.

5 -) Make Notes – Looks neura even, but all expenses must be recorded, do not leave any bullet behind. Incredibly, if you ask a debtor how much he pays interest and charges by failing to pay the bill on the right day, he does not know, that’s money draining through the drain. So write it down, Okay!

6) Save Your Money – Save to be able to enjoy later or use resources saved in an emergency situation and not need to “borrow personal” from any banking institution and still have to pay interest, the installments for months and months.

I am not the first or the last person to write saying that debts can be circumvented with discipline and financial intelligence. Make a backup fund or emergency fund for the tightening hours, for sure the personal loan will be the last option you will think about.

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