Christmas shopping at the People’s History Museum shares the spirit of democracy and solidarity

Take some Christmas gift ingenuity from the People’s History Museum (PHM) this festive time to share the spirit of democracy and solidarity.

The unique archives and collections of the National Museum of Democracy tell stories such as votes for women, equality for all and workers’ rights and inspire a shop full of books, posters, artwork. art, cards, kids’ activities, toys, jewelry, t-shirts, fun ideas for stationery and spending money.

To sparkle your Christmas gifts with an original thought, the PHM boutique has selected some of its favorite items to give a taste of what awaits you on its shelves. The list features both bestsellers and new items that will only be available for a limited time and represents independent businesses, local produce and bespoke designs. All are available on PHMShop in Manchester city center or online here.

For the feminist

Custom t-shirts, jewelry, and plenty of books in the PHM store will inspire the feminist in your life, but her Christmas gift guide is a new addition and a favorite.

Suffragette decorations 12.99 €

Have the colors of the suffragettes displayed on your Christmas tree this year, with two militant characters from the story to choose from; one wearing the signature purple, green and white of the suffragette movement and the other wearing a sandwich panel with the words “Votes for Women” on it. works of art in their own wayn right, they are handmade which makes them slightly different and unique.

You can buy here and here.

Patriarchy mug 9.99 €

Breaking down patriarchy is thirsty work, all the easier if you’re armed with what must be the perfect feminist mug for your morning brew. Designed by Em & Friends, this is a must have for PHM.

You can buy here.
For the Mancunien

The PHM store celebrates the radical Manchester roots of the National Museum of Democracy, from the Manchester bees to these two new additions.

Manchester A3 printing € 20.00

A story in illustration; each letter of “Manchester” in this beautiful print reflects the city’s evolving history. C stands for cottonopolis, R for rocket and S for suffragette, and even includes the First in the Fight banner which is part of the museum’s collection of suffragette artifacts. The work of The Sculpts studio in Manchester.

You can buy here.

Manchester Pound £ 10.00

And the perfect creative companion for Manchester printing is the Manchesterbook, where the written word meets the individual image. Beautifully presented, it is also the work of The Sculpts studio.

You can buy here.

For the little ones

The PHM boutique is awarded for its approach to children’s toys and books and its collection will light up Christmas for toddlers this year.

William Morris Twelve Days of Christmas Book – £ 7.99

A lovely Christmas present that brings the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas song to life, paired with motifs from the V&A William Morris Archives alongside new artwork by Liz Catchpole.
You can buy here.

Emmeline Pankhurst Book with Paper Doll and Banners – £ 12.99

The PHM Shop is a huge fan of the Little People, Big Dreams series and this special edition hardcover book on Emmeline Pankhurst, which includes a set of paper dolls, banners and signs, is something every young activist should have. on his Christmas list.

You can buy here.

For the book lover

PHM’s book selection and book search service to match the book with the recipient is legendary. Here are some new releases that would make great stocking fillers.

Bibliophile Book Diversify Thorns – £ 13.99

This book will help you diversify your reading list, highlighting some of the underrepresented authors in the literary world. With genres that will appeal to everyone, including classic fiction, young adults, sci-fi, cookbooks, this book aims to put writers of color at the forefront. It includes stacks of themed books and reading suggestions to provide organized book recommendations, perfect for bookworms and those who want to decolonize their shelves.

You can buy here.

Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink – £ 9.99

As a child, Cathy Rentzenbrink always had her nose in a book. When she grew up, she became a bookseller, then a writer, and found that during hard times, books always kept her afloat. Dear Reader is a love letter to reading, exploring how books can bring you comfort and joy. Filled with personal recommendations, Dear Reader is a bookworm’s joy.

You can buy here.

For radicals

Ideas worth fighting for are the essence of the People’s History Museum, which continues through to the gifts of the PHM store.

Radical Playing Cards – £ 11.00

Everyone loves to play cards at Christmas and with this set you will also come face to face with some of the radical stories, many of which are explored at the People’s History Museum. During a game of whist or rummy, you will discover writers and philosophers (diamonds), orators and visionaries (clubs), activists and revolutionaries (hearts) and feminists and suffragists (spades).

You can buy here.

Never Going Underground Print – £ 20.00

This limited edition print commemorates the UK’s largest protest for LGBT + rights. It took place in February 1988 in Albert Square in Manchester to protest Article 28, which prohibited the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools and local authorities and carried the powerful declaration Never Going Underground. Created by artist Kate Charlesworth, the print is inspired by her book Sensible Footwear: A Girl’s Guide, a graphic novel exploring UK lesbian history since the 1950s.

You can buy here.

The opening hours of the PHM boutique reflect those of the museum; Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Standard UK Delivery £ 4.00 or FREE on orders over £ 40.00.

Visiting the museum and its exhibits is free with a suggested donation of £ 5.

To experience the museum tour, its full program of exhibitions and events based both at the museum and online tour, and you can keep up to date with the latest news by signing up to receive PHMselectronic newsletter, by subscribing to Blog, or follow the museum on social networks on Twitter @PHMMcr, Facebook @PHMMcr, and Instagram @phmmcr.

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