Congress leaders focus on new democracy tools to strengthen and restructure the party

On the issue of Gandhis leading the party, Maken said organizational polls were a separate issue and that was taken separately.

Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge, who is the organizer of the political action group, said they would like to put their house in order first before forming alliances.

Addressing the issue of alliances, Kharge added that they will only form alliances with parties that are secular and believe in the Constitution.

As the country celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence, India’s constitutional values ​​are eroding. “Institutional integrity is weakened.

The central government wants to weaken the Constitution, so we will discuss how to counter it. Congress thinks and worries about the country. We will discuss and deliberate on these issues,” Kharge stressed.

The political committee will deliberate on the attack on the Constitution; attack on minorities; growing community polarization; protect the integrity of the institution and the autonomous bodies; relations between the center and the state; alliance with regional parties; over the North Eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir.

Prakash Bhandari adds: AICC spokesman Pawan Khera said the whole northeast is one of the most neglected regions in the country. He said young people in the northeast suffered the most from the lack of job opportunities, as the region’s economic growth has not improved with the change of government.

AICC Secretary General for Rajasthan Ajay Maken said the party will put a lot of emphasis on the youth as he now believes that for any political party it should have a strong cadre base. He said the party is now considering rebranding itself as a vibrant party by inducting people under the age of 50. Typically, the party will require its worker to work for the organization for five years, before he is allowed to take any position in the party at any level.

He said the party will now focus on building a team at the stand and Mandal level. This would help the party build a mighty force that once worked wonders, but over the years the process of building a cadre-based party has suffered from neglect.