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The Cuban regime’s damage limitation policies face the impact of the counterrevolutionary population of July 11, whose aftershocks will force deep liberalization or the strengthening of police forces and repression. More freedoms or more sticks to prevent the accomplishment of the plan of diplomat Lester Mallory in his secret memorandum to Dwight Eisenhower: the defeat of the Castro revolution demands the use of all possible means, suffocating its economy, depriving it of money and supplies, lower wages and cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the commander-in-chief. Half a century later, social media joined the crusade.

Barack Obama chose implosion, and the 12 other administrations, drowning, because control of the island has been an inalienable objective of the United States since one of the fathers of the empire, Thomas Jefferson, conceived the idea of ​​its annexation or purchase from Spain. . The policy towards the greater Antilles is not only a product of the Cold War; it controls the Straits of Florida, the approaches to the Gulf of Mexico and the corridor with Haiti. The geostrategic importance of the country which institutionalized Marxism-Leninism 150 kilometers from the capitalist Mecca, explains the Platt amendment, Guantanamo and the deplorable punitive isolation.

The revolution which was a symbol of national sovereignty in the face of American interventionism, which developed an admirable health and educational system, a precursor in the underdeveloped world, does not support the growing irritation of the victims of its failures, and the cultural upheaval of the children of the famine of the triennium 1990-93, consequence of the disappearance of subsidies from the USSR and of local inefficiency; A good part of the new generations are fed up with a political and ideological monopoly which does not generate prosperity and takes away rights.

The government accuses Yankee hostility, oblivious to the fact that it will be permanent because, to paraphrase Monterroso’s story, when we all die, the empire will continue there, distributing extraterritorial tail blows. Obviously, the United States will support any initiative aimed at littering disoriented and vulnerable communist Cuba, buried by the pandemic, the crisis in Venezuela, the queues, the shortages and the economic strangling orders dictated by Donald. Trump and followed by Joe Biden. .

During his first meeting with intellectuals, Fidel Castro said that the revolution stood for freedom, and if the concern of some was to stifle the creative spirit, he would reject it. In the 1970s, hundreds of storytellers and artists were persecuted and kicked out of their jobs for homosexuals or not meeting patriotic standards.

Always dogma, the harangue “In the revolution, everything; against the revolution, nothing “has fixed the limits of freedom of expression and artistic creation. As the playwright Yúnior García transgressed them, and on top of that, he meets the enemy, as they advised him to pack his bags.

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