David Van Note: The immediate and direct threat to American democracy | Letters

In a letter to the editor last week, a writer touted the Trump administration’s great accomplishments and expressed support and admiration for Donald Trump.

Interesting take on the facts that, unsurprisingly, left out a pretty crucial piece – that Trump tried, and still is trying, to destroy our Constitution. There is no doubt that what Trump is doing is a direct and serious threat to our very democracy, but that doesn’t seem to bother this writer.

Trump and his stalwart henchmen constantly lie about the outcome of the election, even though the majority of them were deemed to be free from any significant voter fraud. It is simply not necessary to explain in detail the facts proving that the election was not “stolen”, as it has now been done hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

It doesn’t matter, because Trump fanatics will never accept the provable fact that their demigod lost the election. They ignore the facts, don’t want to know them, or lie. Continuing this fraud, this lie, that the election was stolen from Trump, is damaging, perhaps irreparably, our democracy.

I guess there may be very few Trump supporters who are concerned about his efforts to overthrow the election, but there are many more servile sycophants crawling at the feet of this sociopathic crook who will eagerly trample on our constitution and tear it apart. our democracy in their passionate devotion to this Machiavellian crook.

I will give these people some credit for their creativity. They have used mind-numbing and stupid conspiracy theories to validate their bizarre beliefs, such as the Venezuelan effort to hack our election or the “fact” that it wasn’t Trump who started a violent mob on January 6, it was rather, was done by “undercover federal workers”. Wow, is that that creative genius or what?

The real facts are not that creative. They are indisputable and damning, but Trump fanatics will never believe them. They will, however, attack someone like Ray Gilmore, a rare Republican who has the courage to speak the truth. And the very simple truth is that if you support Trump, you are helping and encouraging a man who would destroy our democracy to protect his power and his wealth.

All the great societies in human history have come to an end, some cataclysmically because of wars or national catastrophes, others because of internal strife and decay. Make no mistake, our democracy today is perhaps at the greatest risk in our history – a risk from within. These rabid Trump fanatics can and will literally destroy our republic if the majority of Americans who truly support, honor and respect our Constitution do not get involved.