Despite vote to decertify election results, Florida Sen. Rick Scott says ‘democracy prevailed’ in wake of Capitol riots | Florida News | Tampa

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Photo via National Republican Senate Committee

Rick Scott with former President Donald Trump.

As the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Riots approaches, U.S. Senator Rick Scott has offered an optimistic message of national renewal to take away from January 6, 2021.

Democracy has prevailed,” Scott said Tuesday on the Guy Benson show on Fox News Radio.

“It was disgusting that people thought they could walk into this Capitol. They need to be prosecuted, which they are,” Scott added. “I’m disgusted that people did this, but guess what? We went through the constitutional process, and we followed through, and we elected a new president.

Scott, who chairs the Republican National Senate Committee, was one of those lawmakers who questioned a state’s ballots, current President Joe Biden won former President Donald Trump.

He voted against Pennsylvania voter certification even after crowds besieged the Capitol to coerce that outcome, but came to terms with reality fairly quickly, urging Trump to attend Biden’s swearing-in.

Although he was willing to accept Biden’s installation as president after the election was certified, Scott continued to defend his vote in some forums.

“People break the law, then investigate and nothing happens,” Scott said last January, also on the Guy Benson Show. “In Pennsylvania, they didn’t follow their laws. It’s wrong and I’m very comfortable with what I’ve done.

Scott improved his language in Newsweek: “My vote against the Pennsylvania process was not about the 2020 election. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome. My vote was about the upcoming elections, in 2022, 2024 and beyond, and whether they are conducted fairly.

The senator avoided blaming Trump for the “disgusting” behavior of supporters, pursuing a mild treatment of the former president on the subject.

When asked last year if Trump could have stopped what happened that fateful day, Scott was unwilling to blame. He said that while “the president could have reacted more quickly,” it was “irresponsible for people on the left to say that the president told people to come into the Capitol, which he didn’t.” .

This article first appeared in Florida Politics.