Document: HK makes progress on democracy


‘One country, two systems’ proved to be a big hit, says white paper

Hong Kong enjoys promising prospects for the development of democracy under “one country, two systems,” officials said on Monday after the publication of a white paper on democracy in the special administrative region.

The white paper, titled “Hong Kong: Democratic Progress within One Country, Two Systems,” was released on Monday morning after the Hong Kong SAR successfully held its seventh election to the Legislative Council, the first fiscal year of the HKSAR. this type under the overhauled electoral system.

With the implementation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong and the improvement of the electoral system of the SAR, the situation of “patriots administering Hong Kong” will be more stable, said the Bureau of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of the Council of State Affairs in a press release.

Hong Kong will benefit from a better rule of law and business environment and a more harmonious social atmosphere, he said, adding that “there will be better conditions for effective solutions to the deeply rooted problems. entrenched roots that have plagued Hong Kong for a long time “.

Commenting on the consideration for the publication of the document, the office said he was released to examine the historical facts and reveal the truth in order to help people better understand the sincerity and goodwill of the central government for the development of Hong Kong’s democracy and its efforts. in this regard.

It was published to refute misconceptions and respond to malicious slander so that people better understand the nature of Hong Kong democracy development and further forge consensus on city democracy development in accordance with “one country” principle. , two systems ”and the Basic Law, the office said.

The white paper said: “Under British colonial rule, there was no democracy in Hong Kong.

After resuming the exercise of sovereignty, the Chinese government implemented the “one country, two systems” policy and established the democratic system in the SAR, he noted.

He has since given constant support to the region in the development of its democratic system. “The determination, sincerity and efforts of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government to this end have remained consistent and are evident to any objective observer,” he added.

Facts have proven time and time again that anti-Chinese agitators in Hong Kong and the foreign groups behind them must be held responsible for hampering Hong Kong’s progress towards democracy, according to the white paper.

To put an end to the political unrest in Hong Kong in recent years, a series of major decisions have been taken by the CCP and the central government to restore order, including strengthening the overall competence of central authorities over the SAR in accordance with the Constitution. and the Basic Law, he said.

The white paper hailed the “one country, two systems” policy as a creative innovation by the CCP and the Chinese government that has proven to be a great success in Hong Kong.

“With their political vision, the CCP and the Chinese government are certain of the long-term success of the socialist system on the mainland,” he said. “They are also certain of the long-term success of the capitalist system in Hong Kong and of a form of democracy suited to its realities.”

The Hong Kong SAR Central People’s Government Liaison Office said in a statement Monday that the central government has always guided the development of democracy in Hong Kong and has supported and promoted this effort.

Developing and improving Hong Kong’s democratic system means enabling Hong Kong residents to better exercise their democratic rights and ensure steady progress in the implementation of “one country, two systems,” he said. he declares.

Hong Kong Managing Director Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Monday that the SAR government fully welcomes the new Hong Kong Democracy White Paper, calling its release a timely decision after the Legislative Council election.

Noting that the election was the first Legislative Council election after the electoral overhaul, Lam said she anticipated criticism and allegations against the election in the near future.

“The best way to refute these allegations is to go back over the story,” Lam said, adding that the facts are far more powerful than the imagination and the claims, and that the white paper provides a full account of the history and facts.

She also encouraged the citizens of Hong Kong, especially young people and students, to read it carefully to improve their understanding of the democratic development of the SAR.