Honoring Minority Rights Without Hurting Others: Muslim Jamat


The Muslim Jamat of Kerala called on the state government to take urgent measures for the development of backward minorities. “The development of backward minorities is essential if the land is to progress,” said Sayed Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari, Secretary General of State of the Muslim Jamat of Kerala.

Opening a virtual seminar on Saturday on “Minority Social Protection Scheme: Court Verdict and Facts” organized by the Kerala Muslim Jamat district committee, Bukhari said the rights of the Muslim community should be honored by ensuring the cooperation of other communities.

He added that the constitutional rights of any group or community should not be allowed to create bitterness in society. He warned people to remain vigilant against those who try to create a wedge between communities.

Jamat District President Koottambara Abdurahman Darimi presided. Sunni State Secretary General Yuvajana Sangham AP Abdul Hakeem Azhari called on the community to encourage the new generation to engage in agriculture and other jobs while ensuring they do not lose the constitutionally guaranteed reserve .

“We must inspire confidence in the new generation to progress through merit,” he said.

Kurukkoli Moideen, MLA, said the Muslim League of Indian Union (IUML) will try to encompass all sections and interests of backward minorities.

Congress representative Ifthikaruddin demanded that the programs put in place for backward Muslims be fully accessible to them. Indian National League (INL) state chairman AP Abdul Wahab said neglect by those in power played a major role in the backwardness of minorities. Husain Saqafi Chullikkode moderated the seminar.


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