Labor cares little about liberal democracy

‘Labour’s fixation on co-governance in all aspects of our lives means Canterbury Regional Council will soon be able to have non-elected representatives based on their race,’ the government spokesman said. ACT local, Simon Court.

“The Canterbury Regional Council (Ngāi Tahu Representation) Bill gives Ngāi Tahu the option of appointing two non-elected representatives to the council.

Liberal democracy is important. Every adult New Zealander gets one vote. Superficial characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality and religion are irrelevant to our rights. To be the first in the world to achieve this is New Zealand’s greatest political achievement.

“The ACT believes that only democratically elected representatives should vote in councils and in parliament, this bill erodes that principle.

“ECAN currently has two Mana Whenua experts on the board who provide advice but do not have the power to vote at board meetings. This is a democratic way of ensuring Maori voices are heard without ignore basic democratic principles.

“The Ngāi Tahu are welcome to gain greater representation and voting rights in the council by participating in local elections and being elected. No one should get these rights without going through this process.

“The ACT called on the government to uphold the principle that only democratically elected representatives should vote in councils and parliament. The people of Canterbury should have the right to decide who represents them in their council through fair and democratic local elections.

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Gather around the campfire, friends. Let me tell you about the Ice Age of the Fourth Labor Government, when wicked saber-toothed tigers like Richard Prebble roamed the Labor caucus. A being so mean and fierce that – according to legend – he made Michael Cullen cry. So while Labor MP Dr Gaurav Sharma may (or may not) have suffered cruelly at the hands of his colleagues, one thing is clear: former Labor Whip Kieran McAnulty is not Richard Prebble. While you may be intimidated by the likes of Kieran McAnulty, you may need to hold hands as you cross the road in political traffic…