Listening in good faith and democracy [letter] | Letters to the Editor

I am happy that the LNP | The LancasterOnline Editorial Board takes the initiative to write editorials that show diverse viewpoints. This is democracy: ideas, discussions and compromises.

Republican Lancaster County Commissioners Josh Parsons and Ray D’Agostino, in my opinion, are acting as if Lancaster County is a private fiefdom.

A “fiat” is when people in authority issue an arbitrary decree, especially when those people have absolute power to enforce it. While they seem to be “deciding”, their decision has already been made.

In fact, listening to all your constituents is part of the job description. Is it a burden to listen to others?

Listening is an exercise in good faith in a democracy, regardless of your vote. Democratic Commissioner John Trescot has some creative ideas from his years working in overseas affairs. Compromise is the way democracy works best for all citizens.

Seemingly following the ideas of the disgraced former president and MAGA GOP, the Republican commissioners seem intent on forcing us to follow a political party. So they made specious arguments that mail-in ballots had exhausted election officials and workers, fueling conspiracies around voter fraud — these were alternative facts.

Citizens don’t time travel 50 years back to where these officials seem to be stuck. These commissioners have risen to the top of the local scale, except that they have chosen the wrong wall. The power of elective office must be used wisely, for the benefit of all voters.

Mimi Shapiro