Look but don’t throw up: “The Booger on the Lip of Democracy” is about Ted Cruz and it’s hilarious

With all the Republican backlash against Ted Cruz over the past two days due to his cheeky moment of truth when he described the January 6 insurgents as “terrorists” – causing him to stutter and curl up in front of a growling Tucker Carlson yesterday as he tried to back up -pedal- The daily showthe timing couldn’t have been better.

One day before the Cruz pileup, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah published his latest “Showography” profile, titled “The Booger on the Lip of Democracy,” a 9-minute documentary narrated by comedian Desi Lydic and starring none other than “A Human’s Nightmare” Ted Cruz himself.

From the youthful days of Cruz languishing for breasts and world domination (“two things he would be hard pressed to get his hands on for the rest of his life”) to his college roommate Craig Mazin (creator of HBO’s Chernobyl ) who, “familiar with toxic catastrophes,” exhausted the word “awful” to describe Cruz’s personality, to his famous act of disappearance (where he reappeared in Cancun), to the booger on his lip which also gone (in his mouth, pushed away by the camera), there isn’t a dull moment in this revolting but laughing tale of ‘the most hated guy in the office’.