MEET THE CANDIDATE: Richard M. Kiernicki, None of the above parties for Direct Democracy, Etobicoke Center | Provincial election

Full name: Richard M. Kiernicki

Horse riding: Etobicoke Center

To party: None of the above parties for direct democracy

Age: 65

Occupation: Senior insurance and investment advisor, mentor, author and speaker.

Residence: Etobicoke Center

Past political experience: I’ve voted in every election since the age of majority, worked at a polling station in one election, participated in peaceful protests throughout high school with teachers and classmates. Recently, I have spoken a lot about the problems facing democracy and how we can solve these challenges.

How would you rate the province’s response to COVID-19 and why? D-.

The government should immediately consult with medical professionals looking at both extremes to determine the best course of action. Our leadership has grossly mishandled this and the ramifications of this lack of leadership have harmed Ontarians in more ways than just the COVID response. It’s time for leaders to get the best facts, provide the best health care, and not create divisions among citizens. Competence and informed consent are of paramount importance.

If elected, I pledge to… work diligently to refocus on truth and inclusiveness, addressing what matters most to citizens (health, finance, education), eliminating all systems that no longer work effectively, those riddled with greed, corruption and manipulation, so that everything works with integrity to solve the challenges of Ontarians with original thinking.