The Council of Europe and the rights of national minorities: Results and challenges


The rights of national minorities are essential to ensure peace and stability on the European continent. The Council of Europe offers a widely recognized normative system and key mechanisms to ensure the protection of persons belonging to national minorities. Hungary has supported the organization’s efforts in this area from the start. The Hungarian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers therefore wishes to underline the role of the Council of Europe as the main human rights organization on the continent in the protection of national minorities.


This conference is devoted to the norms and standards of the Council of Europe in the field of national minorities and builds on the conference organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and of the Charter European regional or minority languages. “Minorities and minority languages ​​in a changing Europe” organized by the Croatian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers in June 2018.

The objective of the conference is to assess the achievements and identify the remaining challenges in the field of the protection of minority rights in Europe. During three round tables, the speakers will discuss the functioning of the Council of Europe’s protection mechanisms for national minorities. The experiences of the Parliamentary Assembly, the Venice Commission and the European Court of Human Rights will also be examined, as well as the results of the reform of the two monitoring mechanisms on national minorities and minority languages ​​carried out. since 2018.

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