The Need to Resurrect Liberal Democracy as Civilization Is in Great Peril

Liberal democracy and Christianity are not synonymous. Yet Christians in the West, faced with the multiple disasters that are happening every day in Ukraine today, could make the mistake of thinking so. They see Vladimir Putin’s attack on this country as the realization, in proxy or prototype form, of an almost apocalyptic battle between two sets of beliefs. Holy Russia represents all that is sacred; Western democracy for everything that is not. For Putin, the West is decadent, immoral, secular, rudderless, subject to popular whims, essentially spineless, driven by the interests of amoral American capitalism. And he is expansionist by his very nature, a threat to his idea of ​​Russia.

On the other hand, Western democrats tend to see the world they have created as some kind of final statement of what a civilized society should look like, if not “the end of history”, then certainly the one of his last chapters. A community of nations was formed after the Second World War under a set of rules contained in the Charter of the United Nations, one of the fundamental principles of which was that nations should never again pursue their interests and objectives. nationals by attacking each other. But liberal democracy was not part of that deal. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN in 1948 came closest. But in principle, alternative forms of government, including absolute monarchies and totalitarian dictatorships, were not excluded – in fact, there would have been no such declaration without their consent.